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Rogues Gallery


This is Benjamin. This whole thing was his idea and he's the only one that talks directly to The Oracle. He got us into this mess and he'll get us out of it. “Everyone said magicians weren’t worth the time until I proved them wrong. Now with my loyal band of hustlers and tricksters, I hold all the aces.” [Read more]

Terry '3 coins' Cheung.

Terry '3 Coins' Cheung. He grew up in the whorehouses of Shanghai and was hustling from an early age. He's still the only person to ever decieve The Oracle. He's now one of us, one of the team. We still don't trust him. [Read more]

Double Barrel Daniel

The guests started getting rowdy; pushing and fighting. As soon as the first glass smashed, he reached up above the bar, and cool as a winter's day, he pulled down a shotgun and fired. Everybody froze. "Is there a problem? A moment ago it sounded like a bar fight in here and all of a sudden it's as silent as a church". He slowly walked the troublemakers to the door and went back to stirring the amber nectar under the smoking hole in the roof. He's a family man and a real bartender. There are two types of people in this world he says, those with shotguns and those without shotguns. [Read more]