We deal in curiosity

Rogues Gallery


This is Benjamin. This whole thing was his idea and he's the only one that talks directly to The Oracle. He got us into this mess and he'll get us out of it. “Everyone said magicians weren’t worth the time until I proved them wrong. Now with my loyal band of hustlers and tricksters, I hold all the aces.” [Read more]

Terry '3 coins' Cheung.

Terry '3 Coins' Cheung. He grew up in the whorehouses of Shanghai and was hustling from an early age. He's still the only person to ever decieve The Oracle. He's now one of us, one of the team. We still don't trust him. [Read more]


We don't talk about her past, but luck is a cruel mistress. Ani arrived as a vagabond with a cat on her shoulder and our crooked family has been ten lives richer ever since. I asked Ani what she sees in the piercing eyes of her feline friend and she told me, "The sun, the moon and the stars. I experience them all through her." There is nothing about liquor Ani doesn't know and there's no art on her skin without a good story. We can't wait for you to meet her. [Read more]


Don't let her polite nature misdirect you, Liza is as astute as they come and as the daughter of a wealthy perfumier, there is little she doesnt understand about profiles of scent and flavour. Why she turned her back on the family fortune is her secret to keep, but she mixes an exquisite cocktail and has found her new residence under The Oracle's employ; up the creaky stairs, stirring drinks for the magicians and the misfits. [Read more]