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Lewis Le Val

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Lewis Le Val is a multi-faceted artist originally from Liverpool, UK. Drawing upon direct experience and over a decade of study in numerous fields such as human behaviour and psychology, as well as ancient and indigenous spiritual philosophy, shamanism, mysticism, consciousness and psychedelics, Le Val has developed his own style of conceptual performance art; a theatrical demonstration or representation of something greater than the act itself. From the largest European cities to the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon, Le Val has received further guidance and teaching from numerous spiritual authorities around the world, undergoing complete and total immersion into the unknown. As well as his own psycho-spiritual journey and endeavours to create art that heals, Le Val is also an accomplished hypnotist, who’s writings have helped to develop and shift our understanding and practice of the phenomena of hypnosis itself. His works have been studied by countless PhDs, and used to teach and train upcoming hypnotists and hypnotherapists globally.
In the world of entertainment, with his enchanting approach and creative thought process, Le Val has become one of the most recognisable names in the magic (conjuring) and mentalism industry, creating, writing and developing concepts, ideas and theatrical pieces for thousands of entertainers, artists and performers nationally and internationally, including numerous television personalities you’ve almost certainly heard of. Lewis Le Val also starred in Discovery Channel series, ‘The Mind Control Freaks’, which aired in over 224 countries and territories. The show was produced by Objective Productions, who also produced Derren Brown’s earlier television specials.

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